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Foundation purpose :

In February 1975, three companies, Seikosha, Daini Seikosha, and Suwa Seikosha invested in the commercialization of CMOS ICs that Daini Seikosha had been researching, and Nippon Precision Circuits Inc. was founded as a semiconductor specialized maker.
It started out as a young, small company with a total of 22 people, including Toshio Tanaka as Representative, and 16 new employees. Shortly thereafter, the firm developed ICs for clocks (crystal oscillator ICs) and achieved success in commercialization, with adoption by Seiko and many other watch manufacturers.
The world's first clock IC with a built-in liquid crystal driver that enabled both analog and digital display on a single chip became the basic technology for subsequent oscillators (crystal oscillator ICs) and RTCs (real-time clock ICs).
In 2005, it became a wholly owned operating company of Seiko Group, and in 2006, the company name was changed to the current Seiko NPC Corporation.