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timing devices and sensor products - pacemaker of todays technology



Since our foundation as a semiconductor manufacturer in the Seiko Group in 1975, we have produced unique high value-added products centering on crystal oscillator ICs, including digital products,
Our main product, crystal oscillator ICs, have the largest share in the world and are incorporated in a variety of electronic equipment including communications devices and home appliances -- to support our daily lives.
In addition, recently we have emphasized development of sensor products, which sense movement and/or temperature objects and converts this into electrical signals.
One of our strengths is having our own plant where we conduct all aspects of product planning, design and manufacturing located in Nasushiobara, Tochigi Prefecture, a city located in the rich natural environment adjacent to Nikko National Park.
In addition to the development of analog LSIs, which we have worked on over many years, with the unchanging attitude since our inception of "pursuing precision," with our strengths in the engineering foundation that integrates software elements, we will provide solutions to solve societal issues in the communications, medical, and industrial markets with devices.